Coach Kariem with the Boca Raton Kids Summer Boxing Class 2021

Why Boxing is Perfect for Homeschool PE

While parenting philosophies are not universal, all parents can agree that regular exercise is essential for a child’s mental and physical wellbeing. Regular exercise for children improves their physical well-being as well as mental health.

In the state of Florida, homeschooled students K-5 must participate in at least 150 minutes of physical education per week. For homeschoolers, filling this requirement with meaningful activities can be hard to achieve each week.

One of the best ways to knock out this requirement is with private fitness classes from a certified trainer. Private fitness classes help you fulfil your physical education requirements while ensuring your child learns the ins-and-outs of physical fitness.

Boxing for Physical Education

Our experience suggests that beginner boxing classes are one of the most effective ways to keep your child interested in physical education. Private group boxing lessons offer an environment for your child to thrive in.

Since boxing revolves around fundamentals it helps students quickly understand the importance of routine, structure. and practice. Boxing teaches students core values such as discipline, routine, and consequences as well as builds their overall confidence.

Not only does boxing teach core values, in just 1-hour of boxing training you can easily burn up to 1000 calories! This makes boxing one of the most effective exercises for staying in shape.

Where Should I Start?

Our Homeschool PE classes stand apart from others because they are formulated to fit your child’s individual needs. Whether your child is interested in learning beginner boxing or they want to learn strength and conditioning training, our homeschool PE classes are tailored to meet your child’s individual needs.

Customized training plans enable your child to achieve weight gain and weight loss targets and transform your lifestyle to align with more health-conscious values. Choose homeschool PE and start your journey towards a healthier and fitter future for your child.

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Kariem Mccline
Kariem Mccline

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